How To Become A Morning Person

how to become amorning person (1) Let me just say this up front – if you hate waking up early and yet you’re here trying to find out how to ‘become’ a morning person, read no further. This post isn’t for you.

I’m a huge believer in working with what you’ve got. And if loathing mornings is what you’ve got, then why fight it? Why not focus on making more of those night-time hours when you actually enjoy being awake? Why not embrace the fact you function better later in the day? If you hate mornings – don’t try to become a morning person (it’s nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds). 

But I digress.

I’m one of these mysterious ‘morning people’ and I’m here to share how I do it. This post is for people who love the idea of being a morning person and are really suited to it too, they just struggle to get there. And this post is about waking up earlier than you ‘need’ to so that you can get a few amazing things done before your day ‘starts’ (like doing some exercise, reading a book, meditating, journalling or just relaxing with a giant mug of coffee and a few of your favourite blogs).

So if that’s you, here are my tips:

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Should You Start A Blog?

Should You Start A Blog- Maybe you’ve been asking yourself whether you should start a blog.

You’re obsessed with reading them (you check for new posts everyday) and follow your favourite bloggers with the same level of fascination that the media follow Miley Cyrus. You refer to them by their first name and feel like they’re your friends (and you’re positive that if you actually met in person, they would be). You love reading about their monthly favourites, what books they’ve been reading and their skincare routine. You even love hearing about the extremely boring parts of their life too – like taking their greyhound Reggie for a vet check-up and going to a mid-week dentist appointment.

And these bloggers are all normal people, people like you. They didn’t have to wait for someone to tell them they could start a blog – they just started one. So it gets you thinking, maybe you should start one too…

And then, almost as soon as you’ve decided you’re going to start a blog, the self-doubt kicks in. And it is relentless.

That excitement you had when you first had the idea to start a blog? That quickly becomes embarrassing. How could you have actually thought that anyone would care what you have to say? And you’re not even that good at writing. And what are you even going to talk about?!

I’ve read a lot of posts about blogging, and very few (if any) talk about the self-doubt that comes up when you decide that you’re going to put yourself out there and start a blog.

Because let’s be real – blogging can (and will) bring up a lot of self-doubt.

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3 Sneaky Little Ways We All Procrastinate

3 sneaky little ways we all procrastinate (4) We’re often told we live in a very impatient culture, but I mean, do we really?

I think we can be pretty damn good at waiting for things (read: procrastinating).

We’re really good at making plans, but those plans are often put on hold – we’re just not ready yet, we need more experience, we need more time, we need more money, we haven’t ‘figured it out’.

And these reasons feel super legitimate, but in my experience they’re not. Nine times out of ten they’re just our sneaky little way of procrastinating.

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Smart Twenties Book Club | The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

#smart twenties book club (4) The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson is one of my favourites. I read it way back in October last year and I’ve been crapping on about it ever since.

I will admit it’s taken me quite a while to finally sit down and type out my thoughts on this one (this was the book for March… sorry about that). But I’m so glad I’m finally doing it because I’m completely obsessed with the ideas in this book.

So what’s The Slight Edge about?

The book cover will tell you that The Slight Edge is about ‘turning simple disciplines into massive success’ and I have to say that description is pretty damn accurate. Accurate and boring.

But please don’t let the boring description deter you. Yes, this book is about something that’s pretty common sense but it’s also about something that we completely overlook.

Since the point of this whole book club thing isn’t for me to ‘review’ the book but more to tell you what it had me thinking about and doing, here are two of my favourite lessons from the book (I chose these two because my other favourites are way too hard to explain in the length of a blog post):

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The Truth About My Morning Routine

the truth aboutmy morning routine (3) I have a confession.

You know that morning routine I preached about in this post? The one I absolutely loved that makes me feel so productive and energetic and ready for the day?

I don’t do it any more.

I don’t do it any more because I fell out of the habit. I loved that routine and I did it religiously for at least 3 months solid. And it was easy to keep doing – I had gotten into the habit:

Wake up. Wash my face. Fill up my water bottle. Do a little exercise (usually Blogilates-related, so good!). Write in The 5 Minute Journal. Read 10 pages of a book. Meditate for 15 minutes. Finish off my water. Get dressed for the day. Have breakfast.

It was definitely an overly elaborate routine, but it worked for me. I was in a groove and I was killing it. I loved this morning routine, and yet I stopped doing it.

I’ve found myself snoozing my alarm. I haven’t ‘had time‘ to do everything I want to in the morning. I am rushed. I feel unproductive. And worse still, I feel like I don’t know how to get out of the slump and back into my old routine.

Why am I telling you this?

Why would I admit that my ‘foolproof’ morning routine has come completely undone?

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How To Save Money Without Giving Up Shopping

save money without giving up shopping We’re often told that to save money we need to make sacrifices. We need to cut the objectively ‘unnecessary’ expenses to save our money for what ‘should’ be our financial priorities – a house, bills and a couple of weeks of holidays a year.

But this is a load of crap.

You can decide what your financial priorities are and yes, one of them can be shopping. If shopping is something you love you don’t need to cut it. You can save money and go shopping. Truly. It’s possible.

Most of the money advice we’re told forgets that if you like doing something, you’re probably going to keep doing it unless you have a really good reason not to. And for most of us, there’s no seriously compelling reason. We want the clothes more than we want to be ‘good at saving’.

So instead of trying to ‘ban’ things (which only make me want to do them more), I’ve been embracing the fact I love doing certain things with my money and trying to figure out a way I can keep doing them while meeting my other goals.

My goal is to travel at the end of the year and for that I need money (especially since Australia is so far away from everything!). But I also just got my first ‘real’ job and would really love to buy some pretty dresses for work.

So how can I save money and go shopping? Like most problems, there’s a solution if you look hard enough. And even better, the solution doesn’t make me feel that sense of lack that drives me to go on a shopping spree (despite my best efforts).

So how am I doing it?
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24 Things I Love

24 things i love I’ve been wanting to start sharing a bit more of myself on this blog.

Even though I write about a lot of things that are very personal to me, I feel like I haven’t really said much about who I am. And that’s mainly because I suffer from thinking I’m an extremely boring, average person with nothing new to say. But this isn’t really true of me (and it’s not true of you either) so I thought that even though I think I’m a pretty boring person I’d share anyway.

Since I turned 24 a few weeks ago, I thought I’d share 24 things I love (and yes, I know a lot of them aren’t actual ‘things’ but you get the idea). So here they are, in no particular order:

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