What Are Your 3 Good Things?

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Being grateful is like that new, promising workout plan. We all know we should do it and we all want to do it, but a lot of us still struggle to make it actually happen.

We’re constantly told that we should be upgrading, planning, dreaming, always setting our sights on something better. And, because being grateful is often confused with ‘settling’, we seem to think we have to make a choice between gratitude and knowing we deserve more than what we currently have.

Just to get things straight, being grateful and settling aren’t the same thing. Being grateful is about appreciating what you already have. You can be grateful and still dream for more, they’re not mutually exclusive. Settling, on the other hand, is about resigning to what you already have. When you settle you stop dreaming.

So this post is about being grateful, not settling or being ‘realistic’ or stopping dreaming. It’s about appreciating what you have and it doesn’t come at the cost of your deepest hopes and desires.

It’s about training your mind to work for you, instead of against you.

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Study: Two Things You Can Do To Get More Done In Less Time

Starting the Morning

Shortly after making the decision to completely stop studying on weekends I had a bit of a freakout.

Was I crazy? I mean, I was already studying 7 days a week and still not getting everything done that I was supposed to. How the hell was I going to get everything done in 5 days when I couldn’t even do it in 7?!

I’ll be the first to say I haven’t got a perfect answer to this but I have figured out at least a couple of things that have made a HUGE difference. These are the things that have been working for me and I think at least one of them will probably work for you (especially if you feel like there are more things you need to do than hours in the day).

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3 Commencement Speeches That Will Change Your Twenties

Reading Miss Robin

If you’ve ever read this blog before you might know I’m quite the sucker for ‘inspirational’ speeches and talks (and podcasts, books, movies, TV shows…)

So it’s probably not surprising that I’m a little obsessed with watching commencement speeches on Youtube.

Besides the fact I’m jealous that we don’t seem to have any Youtube-worthy commencement speeches made here in Australia, I love to spend time doing what I like to think of as ‘productive procrastination’ by listening to some of the world’s most successful people share a few words on what to do if you haven’t got it ‘all figured out‘.

There are so many commencement speeches I LOVE but I thought I’d share the 3 that have really changed the way I look at life, opportunity, success and failure – so here they are:

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How To Stop Feeling Guilty That You’re Not Studying When You ‘Should Be’

Shades of Cool

This might not be advice you’ve heard before.
I’ve been a uni student for 6 years and have never heard it and I’ve only been doing following it for a few weeks myself. But I just wanted to share the idea I’ve had because it might strike a chord with you.
Over the course of my time as a uni student I have always approached study the same way – every hour of the day, every day of the week and every week of the semester is a potential time to study.
I definitely don’t study all the time, but I do feel guilty about the fact I’m not studying all of the time.
There is no boundary.
I never thought it was a problem because everyone struggles with it. Every student I know gets that nagging ‘I should be studying’ feeling, even if they’re out somewhere and can’t study. Even if they’re spending time with family and friends. Even if they’re doing something fun purely for the purpose of having a break from studying. We feel guilty and the guilt is real.
I thought that’s just the way it is. 
But a few weeks ago I had a little epiphany when I was reading the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This isn’t a book that’s necessarily about study, it’s about how to work less (pretty much) and besides a few really interesting time management things I didn’t really think there was much else I could use.

And then I remembered something my friends and I always say to each other – that we wish we could have weekends completely off, without the thought that we ‘should be’ studying. We long for the days when there will be a clear distinction between work and play and yes, we’ve even said stuff like ’I can’t wait to have a full-time job so I can have weekends off’ (don’t worry, I realise this isn’t a reality for a lot of full-time workers either).

So besides the fact that this doesn’t really make any sense, we long for the 9 to 5 because we long for someone to tell us we can put the books away at 5pm (or even 8 or 9pm). But why wish away the awesome student lifestyle we have just to get the distinction between work and play?

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How To Travel On A Tiny Budget


There are SO many things I love about travel:
Getting out of my comfort zone. Meeting new people. Making new friends. Doing things I wouldn’t normally do at home. Having complete control over what I do everyday. New surroundings. New food. New culture. New adventures.
Actually, the majority of things I love about travelling have nothing to do with being somewhere new. I don’t need to spend money on a flight to make new friends, have an adventure or have complete control over what I do everyday. I don’t need to use my annual leave to experience a new culture, to have new surroundings, to have new experiences.
These are all things I can do at home.
But first let me get something straight - I’m not saying you shouldn’t travel. Hell yeah you should. But you don’t have to be on holidays to have these experiences, and this is only something I realised after returning home from my last trip a couple of months ago.
Being somewhere new helps us have these experiences. We’re forced out of our comfort zone and into new surroundings. We want to make the most of our trip so we make sure we do things we normally wouldn’t be doing at home. It’s easy to make new friends and to meet new people. 
So why do we feel like we can only have these new experiences when we’re not at home?
There’s nothing like the feeling that we’re wasting money to help us make the most of an experience, and I think this is one of the reasons we can get so lazy at home. 

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You Are Not Too Busy

Starbucks Life!.

We all like to feel special and there’s one really easy way we like to do it. We convince ourselves that we’re ‘too busy’ to do stuff.
It’s such a good one – we feel important, we feel like we’re needed and we don’t feel guilty that we’re not doing what we set out to do. Plus it’s just so easy to believe: ‘I’m busy and I’m not going to the gym everyday’ so easily becomes ‘I’m not going to the gym everyday because I’m busy’.
It’s so easy to make a link that, in reality, doesn’t exist.
There are busy people who go to the gym everyday. There are busy people who read for 30 minutes everyday. There are busy people who make healthy, delicious food to take to work. There are busy people writing blog posts, seeing their friends and family, taking their dog for a walk. And a lot of these people are just as busy as you. The only difference is that these people make time. 
You’re busy – you’re not just going to find a spare hour floating around. No one is successful because they find time. 
You have to make it. 
I think when we use the ‘too busy’ excuse there is usually one of three things going on:

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Do You Play To Win Or Do You Play To Not Lose?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? ‘Do I play to win or do I play to not lose?’

At first these probably sound like the same thing, right? If you’re winning you’re also not losing. But really they’re completely different things – they’re completely different mindsets.

When you’re playing to win, you’re focused on what could go right. And when you’re playing to not lose, you’re focused on what could go wrong.

We all think we’re playing to win, but we’re not. We’re certainly trying. We study hard. We work hard. We try to be healthy, productive, positive and ‘good’ with our money.

But there’s something in the back of our heads telling us that maybe we shouldn’t shine too brightly.

Shining brightly is scary. You get attention and when you get attention there will be more people who will notice if you fail.

There’s something telling us we shouldn’t stand out from the crowd. We shouldn’t do anything too unconventional and we certainly shouldn’t try anything that’s failed for someone else.

How do you know if you’re playing to win?
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