Am I The Only One Not Having Enough Fun In Their Twenties?

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I know it seems quite strange to be writing a post about not having enough fun.

Of all the things we need help with, having fun definitely isn’t one of the usual suspects. In fact, most people would probably say it’s the only thing we can do well.

But no, not me.

The other day I had a really sad realisation – I don’t have much fun.

I swear I’m not completely boring though. I do a lot of things I enjoy and LOVE doing. But the fun stuff? I seriously had to wrack my brain to come up with a list of things I do just for fun and even then I could barely list a handful.

It was so sad. Besides travel, there really isn’t that much fun in my life.

And to be honest, I feel like a pretty big loser for admitting that.

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6 Things To Do When You’re Seriously Lacking Motivation

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As you probably already know, motivation isn’t always easy to come by. 

No matter how many inspiring blog posts you read or motivational Instagram accounts you follow, motivation will still come and go. No matter how excited you were at the beginning of the year or how many times you’ve assured yourself that this time you’ll finally reach your goal, motivation will still come and go.

The good news is that, although feeling motivated all the time would be amazing (and if you do, PLEASE let me know how you do it!) it’s not a requirement for success. If you train yourself to do the things you plan to, even when you don’t feel like doing them, you will reach your goals.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve got this completely figured out. I actually seriously struggled to find the motivation to write this very blog post (oh the irony).

But, having said that, I have figured out 6 things that will always keep me going when I’m on struggle street:

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My Goals For 2015 (Part 1)

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It has taken me ages to figure out what I want to focus on this year.

I wanted to choose things that are challenging but achievable. I wanted to choose enough things that I can see improvements in every area of my life but not too many that I’m completely overwhelmed and end up improving nothing at all (a struggle for sure).

I wanted to choose things that I actually want to achieve, not just things that everyone else is doing. Or things that I do just to please other people. Or things that I do just to make me look good.

And I put a lot of pressure on myself to make these goals perfect. It has taken me so long to put this list together because I believed that my goals had to be perfect if anything good is going to come of this year. But then, about a week ago (when the first week of January had quickly flown by) I realised I needed to make some goals, whether they’re perfect or not, or I wouldn’t make them at all.

I chose to focus on just one little criterion:

What are the things that, if I achieve them, will make everything else easier?

The three things I’ve decided to focus on are the things I believe will have a domino effect on the other areas of my life. They are the things that centre me and keep me on track. They are the things that will act as a multiplier.

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Why Motivation is Overrated (And What To Focus On Instead)

UntitledWhen we talk about goals we often talk about hope.

We hope we can save money. We hope we can go to the gym everyday. We hope we can resist the sale at Sephora.

But I think what we really mean (myself included) is that we hope we can stay motivated long enough to save money, to go to the gym everyday, to resist the sale. And this is exactly the problem.

No one is motivated all of the time. Seriously, no one.

Some people think I feel motivated all the time – I definitely don’t. And I’ve never met a single person who does.

No one always feels like going for a run or waking up on the first alarm. No one always feels like saving money or eating healthy food or doing whatever it is they promised themselves they would do.

But there are people who always do these things.

So how do they do it?

They have a system, a routine, that is completely detached from how they feel.
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Is Your Dream Big Enough?

The Empire State Building

Do you have a dream? And if you do, is it big?

I’m talking about the kind of dream that scares the absolute shit out of you.

The kind of dream that seems outside the realms of possibility and probability and everything in between. That makes you feel like an idiot for thinking, even for just one second, that it could somehow actually happen. That other people say will never happen.

A new year calls all sorts of things into question:  Is what you’re working towards what you really want? And if not, why are you still working towards it?

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The Best Motivation For Your Monday

new toys
In my experience, motivation is undeniably an ‘ebb and flow’ thing.

I always want it, but I don’t always have it. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s just not, no matter what I do (which was definitely confirmed, again, when I did my end of semester exams last week).

But even though we can’t be motivated all the time, I think we can be inspired. And this is why I love Youtube. And Will Smith.

I wonder if there’s a specific word to describe the feeling you get when you find out that someone you didn’t expect to be super inspirational and wise is actually super inspirational and wise. This is the word I need to describe the feeling I had when I found out that Will Smith is wise beyond belief.

Who knew Will Smith, singer of ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’, could be so inspiring and so damn relevant?

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Practising Imperfection: Why I Screw Up On Purpose

6/52 - Street

So this is just a quick post to share something I’ve been doing that might help you if you have any kind of struggle with perfectionism. If you ever get the feeling that if you can’t do something perfectly it’s not worth doing at all.

I’m an ‘all or nothing’ person. If you struggle with this stuff, chances are you are too. And while that expression is often used as something positive, I don’t really think it is.

I really, really struggle to keep doing something once I have a blemish on my perfect record.

I’m either going to the gym every single day or not at all. I’m either totally obsessed with eating healthy food or I’m not at all. I swing from all to nothing to all to nothing. I can’t deal with obstacles. I can’t deal with real life.

I think that being able to keep going in circumstances that aren’t ideal is SO underrated. I mean, it’s great that you can do something perfectly in perfect conditions, a lot of people can’t. But can you keep going when an obstacle comes up? When something unexpected happens?

Can you keep going in circumstances that aren’t ideal?

Once I realised I couldn’t, I started thinking about how I could get a little better at persevering. And I found my answer.

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