The 20 Best Blogs For Women In Their Twenties

A list of the 20 best blogs for women in their twenties on personal development, entrepreneurship, career, lifestyle, fitness, fashion and travel.

Figuring out what to do in your twenties is not easy. At all.

We have so many options and so many expectations to meet (especially the ones we set for ourselves) – it’s no wonder we all feel lost and confused.

But there are bloggers that can help you, bloggers that have gone through the same things you’re going through now.

And I’ve done the work for you – I’ve found the 20 best blogs for women in their twenties (as well as their best 3 blog posts) and put them all in this blog post for you to read and refer back to you as you need more advice.

These are blogs that share valuable and insightful advice on personal development, entrepreneurship, career, health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and travel. These are blogs that share what it’s actually like to be in your twenties (not what it would be like if the world was perfect). These are blogs that are real, that are relatable, that are inspirational.

For life advice in your twenties:

1. The Everygirl at

The Everygirl is a must-read.

It’s a website run by a team of 14 women and it’s not just full of fluff (like some magazine-style websites can be). The Everygirl is full of in-depth articles with practical and actionable advice to help you get what you want out of life – these women have a lot of insight into what a twentysomething needs (and wants) to know.

Need some career inspiration? Check out their Career Profiles. The Everygirl feature a tonne of women who are successful in either the entrepreneurial or corporate world and really dig into how they got to where they are today. The good news? Most of them had no idea what they were doing in their twenties either!

Plus if you’re in need of any design inspiration, whether it’s interior design or web, The Everygirl is definitely worth checking out.

Here are some of my favourite posts from The Everygirl:

2. Amanda Holstein of Advice From A Twenty Something

Amanda is a blogger from California that’s been sharing her wisdom with twentysomethings since 2012 (and boy does she have some wisdom).

Advice From A Twenty Something covers everything from beauty and fashion to career and finance. If you like Smart Twenties, you’ll probably find the ‘Real Life: Self-Improvement’ section the most intriguing – it’s filled with gems!

Here are the posts I’ve found the most helpful on Advice From A Twenty Something:

3. Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich

This might be a bit of a surprising choice for the best blogs for women in their twenties, but ignore the fact it’s aimed at men and the gimmicky blog name because IWT is pure gold.

If you want more money, Ramit will give you actionable and realistic advice to help you get there.

Ramit will not tell you to stop drinking lattes. He will not tell you to bring a packed lunch to work. Instead of telling you the same old advice we’ve all heard time and time again, Ramit will teach you how to earn more money: whether it’s negotiating a raise in your current job, getting your dream job or starting your own business.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

All of Ramit’s advice is grounded in research, psychology and personal experience (Ramit started IWT over 10 years ago).

Here are 3 of my favourite articles on I Will Teach You To Be Rich:

A podcast interview that Ramit did with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is also extremely insightful when it comes to the business side of things (it’s on the psychology of selling and how to price your products).

4. Lauren Conrad of

If you’ve been looking for the best blogs for women in their twenties, you may have already come across It’s a website run and curated by quintessential California girl Lauren Conrad (you know her from ‘The Hills’) and her team of editors and contributors and is perfect for any women in her twenties. shares advice on fitness & health, career, fashion, relationships, decor and modern-day etiquette (things like meeting the parents, how to host house guests and letter writing 101). also does a regular book club which is well worth checking out.

I will warn you that this website is aimed at quite a wide audience but don’t be put off if it’s not all relevant to you – there are gems for everyone.

Here’s where you should start:

5. Jennifer Burger of Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer shares her refreshing take on minimalism and simple, intentional living on her popular blog Simply + Fiercely. Full of practical advice and relatable stories, Jennifer’s blog is am absolute gold mine for the budding twenty-something minimalist!

And if you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, be sure to check out Simply + Fiercely for Jennifer’s travel tips (and destination inspo). Jennifer’s lived and travelled all over the world and has amazing advice for anyone who yearns to see the world.

Here are my 3 favourite posts:

Jennifer also has a 30 day online course Thrive: Clear The Clutter + Create A Life You Love.

6. Catherine Beard of The Blissful Mind

Catherine is a twentysomething blogger from Seattle who knows a thing or two about mindfulness and minimalism. And luckily for us, she’s sharing everything she knows on her blog The Blissful Mind.

TBM is also perfect for any woman in her twenties that’s feeling a little directionless or lost (which, if we’re completely honest, is probably all of us) as Catherine shares a HEAP of helpful advice on goals and goal setting (and it’s not just the same run-of-the-mill advice you can find anywhere on the web – it’s relatable, actionable advice from someone that’s happy to share her wins as well as her struggles).

Here are 3 of my favourite posts from Catherine:

7. Kayla Cruz of Gen Y Girl

Feeling lost in your twenties? Kayla gets you. She knows what it feels like. And she knows how to help you.

With a focus on professional and personal development, Kayla’s blog Gen Y Girl easily makes it onto the list of the best blogs for women in their twenties – it’s a must-read for any twentysomething who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life or doesn’t know how to get where she wants. It’s honest, it’s raw, it’s real and it’s relatable (and it’s definitely worth checking out).

Here’s where to start:

8. Coley Lane of Life Goals Mag

Life Goals Mag is the online magazine for women in their twenties created and curated by Coley Lane, a twentysomething who knows exactly what we want (and need) to hear.

The team at LGM offer their readers insightful and actionable advice on career, lifestyle, personal growth, relationships and wellness. What more could a girl need?!

If you’re in need of inspiration, motivation or advice for your twenties, Life Goals Mag should be your first stop. It’s written by twentysomethings for twentysomethings and is about as real and raw as it gets.

Here are 3 amazing posts from Coley and her team:

9. Joana Ferreira of Notes From Joana

If you’re a driven, ambitious millennial, Notes from Joana is the perfect blog for you!

Focused on goal setting and personal development (my favourite topics), Joana’s popular blog has everything you need to make the most of your twenties! Plus, email subscribers are treated to personal monthly letters full of resources and advice (I’m obsessed with these).

Not to mention that Joana’s blog is also completely gorgeous – this girl knows how to use a camera!

10. Yara Miora of The Twenties Guide

Yara is the gorgeous twentysomething blogger behind The Twenties Guide.

She’s a self-confessed coffee addict and film freak who’s just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. Read her blog for everything travel, personal development, food and fashion.

Here’s where to start:

11. Amanda of The Minimalista

Amanda may have only just launched The Minimalista but it’s hard to tell she’s new on the blogging scene because she’s already providing heaps of amazing tips and tricks on minimalism.

I LOVE following along with Amanda’s minimalism tips on Instagram and you can get her eBook, 30 Days To Minimal, on her website for free!

Here are 3 of Amanda’s best posts:

For entrepreneurial twentysomethings:

12. Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur

Mariah Coz is the epitome of a #GirlBoss.

She’s absolutely killing it with her blog Femtrepreneur and that’s probably because she’s extremely generous with her advice on all things blogging, content creation, passive income and being a bad-ass business owner (as Mariah would see).

The thing I love most about Mariah is that she shares what it’s really like to run a business (the good and the downright bad) and also shares her actual results (i.e. her income from Femtrepreneur) to show that her advice really does work.

If you’re a twentysomething business owner or you want to be, Mariah’s blog is a must-read (and this podcast interview that Mariah did on Jen Carrington’s podcast is amazing).

These 3 blog posts of Mariah’s (as well as many others) are amazingly insightful and helpful:

Update: Since publishing this post, I have taken Mariah’s course Your First $1K and highly recommend it!

13. Melyssa Griffin of

When I need advice about blogging, I always go to Melyssa Griffin’s website (formerly called The Nectar Collective).

While the website was founded by Melyssa, it has grown to include a team of talented writers who offer valuable advice on blogging, entrepreneurship, social media and self-development (my favourite).

Melyssa also shares a breakdown of her income from her blog and exactly what she did to get it (as well as her expenses too). It’s this kind of transparency and authenticity that makes me trust that the advice I’m getting really is going to work.

If you’re a blogger or freelancer in your twenties, make sure to head on over to

Here are 3 posts from Melyssa and her team that you must read if you’re an entrepreneurial twentysomething:

14. Jen Carrington of

I’ve been following Jen Carrington and her blog (formerly Jennypurr) for over a year now because I LOVE the advice Jen has  for creatives.

The tips she offers on blogging, entrepreneurship, freelancing and finding balance are both inspirational and actionable. And she clearly knows a thing or two about it all – her one-on-one coaching is booked out months in advance.

Alongside, Jen has the Make It Happen Podcast – a podcast for creative entrepreneurs where she interviews other creatives about how they got to where they are today.

Reading advice on a blog is great, but hearing the author talk through the ideas is even better, so I definitely recommend checking it out both the podcast and her blog!

15. Rachel Gadiel of #DreamCreateDo

Rachel is a blogger and coach from Australia who helps entrepreneurs and creative design online spaces that they truly love. She also shares advice on creating good habits, intentional goal-setting, mastering self-discipline and developing a success mindset – which are all important skills for twentysomethings.

If you’re in need of inspiration or advice from someone who quit the corporate world to pursue her dream full-time, #DreamCreateDo should definitely be on your list.

These 3 posts from Rachel are SO helpful:

For creative twentysomethings:

16. Dana Fox of The Wonder Forest

The Wonder Forest was founded by artist/designer Dana Fox in 2011 which has become an incredible online resource for creatives and entrepreneurs alike.

Offering advice as inspirational as it is practical, Dana and her team of contributors are helping twentysomethings to make a living doing what they love (and the TWF also includes some great DIYs). The advice on The Wonder Forest is aimed at beginners, so it’ll be an amazing resource for you if you’re just beginning to dip your toe in the water (or think you might like to give it a try).

If you’re a creative twentysomething, here are 3 posts from Dana and her team that are worth checking:

17. Estée Lalonde of

Estée Lalonde is a Canadian Youtuber and blogger (living in London) who shares everything she knows about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. And she’s in her twenties, so it’s all relatable.

While she does have a blog at (previously, it’s her Youtube channels that have me obsessed.

Estée’s main channel features makeup tutorials, favourites videos, Q&As and her thoughts on goals, food and fashion. And while that may sound alarmingly similar to the sea of other Youtubers out there, it’s her bubbly personality that has me coming back more. I also LOVE watching her vlog channel to see what she gets up to in her everyday life (I find myself watching her archives for hours and hours).

Here are 3 videos to get started with:

18. Chaitra of Pink Pot

Chaitra is a blogger from Seattle who started Pink Pot as a creative outlet. The blog has since become a go-to resource for creative entrepreneurs looking for advice about design and photography (and blogging tips too).

This blog could fit into the ‘blogs for entrepreneurial twentysomethings’ category, but it’s Chaitra’s helpful how-to posts that led me to put it here instead. If you want to learn something about design or photography, Pink Pot is the place to be.

Here are 3 of her posts that are super helpful:

For twentysomethings who want to travel:

19. Brooke Saward of World Of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust was started by Australian travel blogger Brooke Saward in 2012 as a way to document her adventures and has since become a one-stop-shop for all things travel inspiration and advice.

Having visited dozens (and dozens) of countries, Brooke knows a thing or two about travelling as a twentysomething. And it wasn’t always her full-time gig, so Brooke (and her team of writers) share travel advice that actually applies to a ‘normal’ twentysomething – i.e. a twentysomething that isn’t paid to travel the world.

World of Wanderlust is a must-read if you’re thinking about doing any travel in your twenties – it’s easily one of the best blogs for women in their twenties. And Brooke’s Instagram account is drool-worthy.

Here are 3 of my favourites posts from Brooke & her team:

20. Kelly Ross of Endlessly Exploring

Kelly is another twentysomething travel blogger from Australia who has created an incredible online resource for any twentysomething with a serious case of wanderlust.

Expect to find beautiful travel photos (that’ll make you want to jump on Sky Scanner asap) and seriously practical travelling advice, as well as detailed packing lists and blog posts on the destinations Kelly has visited.

These 3 posts are definitely worth checking out:

And of course…

BONUS: Sam Brown of Smart Twenties

How could I write a list of the best blogs for women in their twenties without including my own?!

My name’s Sam and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I created Smart Twenties in 2013 (when I was 22) because I couldn’t find any blogs that talked about what it’s really like to be in your twenties – confused, overwhelmed with choice and underwhelmed by your current situation.

Since starting Smart Twenties, I’ve helped thousands of ambitious women make the most of their twenties by sharing everything I learn about personal development, creating habits and dealing with perfectionism as I make my way closer to 30. Here are some of my readers’ favourite posts:

Alongside my weekly posts on Smart Twenties and my popular email newsletter, I chat openly and honestly about what I’m learning about life on my podcast The Smart Twenties Podcast and in my daily vlog series 365 Days of Personal Growth. And I teach my readers how to escape the vicious cycle of procrastination and guilt in my course Get Out Of Your Own Way: An Online Course For Master Procrastinators – click here to learn more about the course! 

So there you have it – the 20 best blogs for women in their twenties! Is there a blog you think should have made it into this list? What’s your favourite blog for twentysomethings?

Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Sam xx

P.S. Keep reading to learn about my online course for procrastinators called Get Out Of Your Own Way:

Take your life to the next level

Four years ago, I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle of procrastination and guilt. Whenever I tried to do simple life tasks (like going to the gym, eating right and organising my time) it felt like I was trying to move mountains!

After work, I was too exhausted to do anything more than make food and lay in bed watching another episode of my favourite show. I kept telling myself I deserved a break, but I never enjoyed it. I felt guilty for wasting my time but I didn’t stop (and when I did find myself with time to do the things I wanted, I just kept procrastinating – gahh!).

And I wish it stopped there, but then I beat myself up for procrastinating! I felt like I was behind everyone else and letting everyone down, so I procrastinated even more.

No matter how many hours I spent reading motivation articles on Pinterest or how many times I filled out a new planner, I just couldn’t make myself change – even though I knew I was the one stopping myself from progressing. And I had all the advice right in front of me!

And because this whole situation was frustrating AF (and I knew I was better than that, even though I didn’t have the evidence to prove it) I dedicated myself to figuring out how to stop sabotaging my own success.

After trying hundreds of different things, it finally clicked! And this year I’ve been able to quit my full-time job for blogging, I’m more productive and focused than I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve finally stopped feeling like I’m behind! Plus it’s actually easy to workout everyday and eat healthy (which I never thought would be possible).

And since everything I’ve learned has COMPLETELY changed my life, I decided to put the very best of it together in a step-by-step course!

Get Out Of Your Own Way-6

My online course for procrastinators

Get Out Of Your Own Way is a self-paced online video course that gives you the tools and mindset shifts you need to stop procrastinating, follow through with all your plans and have the courage to finally pursue your dreams – even if your life is totally overwhelming and you have no idea what you want to do!

I’ll just let you know that this course won’t be for you if you’re looking for quick-fix procrastination tips (let’s be real – you’ve seen all those already and they haven’t worked) or you’re afraid to dig deep and uncover the real reasons you’ve been holding yourself back.

But if you’re ready to make a change and need someone to guide you through the very first step – it could be just the thing you need!


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